2021 Home Services

Whilst we are not able to meet together for worship in the same place, we can still worship together, in spirit. What follows below is an idea for how we might do this. It is rather experimental, but you are invited to take part as you feel able.

If we can all take time out at 10.30am on Sunday for this, we will be engaged in the same activity, using the same texts and readings and praying for one another at the same time.

The hope is that we don’t rush this. Where songs are included, feel free to sing! Where prayer is suggested, please make them your own by filling in the gaps. Adapt or add any other expressions of worship you want to make this time your own. It is not intended to be a rigid format.

Any thoughts about how this works will be welcome and no offence will be taken if you are critical about it! Ideas for better, of different formats will also be welcome. 

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