Day 20: Naming Day

21 On the eighth day, when it was time to circumcise the child, he was named Jesus, the name the angel had given him before he was conceived. (Luke 2:21)

There are several different ways that people might choose to celebrate the birth of a baby. They might choose to have the baby christened, have a dedication service, hold a thanksgiving service, or even choose a naming ceremony, just to name a few. Some of these are religious, or traditional, some are not.

Jesus was born a Jew. His family were Jewish. It is the practice of Jews to circumcise and formally name their baby boys when they are 8 days old. It was common practice that a baby boy would be named after their father or another family name. However, Jesus was named before he was conceived. Joseph had a dream where he was told, by the angel, that the baby was going to be called Jesus.

Names seem to be particularly important to Jews. I’ve also observed throughout the Bible that names seem to be prophetic. I find all of this sort of stuff fascinating. I love to discover what people’s names mean. Do you know what your name means?

The Bible also records occasions where God changes the name of a person to better suit what God is calling them to be or do. For example, Abram’s name (meaning: high father) became Abraham (meaning: father of a multitude).

Jesus’ name means ‘saviour’. This name sums up what God the Father had in mind for His Son. Jesus – The Saviour King, Son of God, and Son of Man, was once just a little baby having His ‘naming day’.

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