SOL Activities – 2020

for Speakers of Other Languages

  • English Classes
  • Dance and Exercise
  • Creative Activities

 English Classes

 When: Thursdays from 10.00am to 11.30am (term-time only)

Where: Groups meet in the Chapel and the Hall on

Dates in 2020:

  • January:       9th         16th       23rd     30th
  • February:     6th         13th       27th
  • March:           5th         12th       19th       26th
  • April:            2nd        23rd     30th
  • May:             7th         14th       21st
  • June:            4th         11th        18th       25th
  • July:             2nd        9th         16th
  • August:         no classes
  • September:  3rd         10th       17th       24th
  • October:      1st          8th         15th       22nd
  • November:    5th         12th       19th       26th
  • December:    3rd         10th

Dance and Exercise

When: Occasional Monday mornings at 10.30am

Where: Sessions take place in the Chapel Hall.

What: Various music styles are used to provide exercise and gentle physical activity.

The dates are as follows-

  • January:       13th                     
  • February:      10th
  • March:          9th                     
  • May:              11th
  • June:            8th                     
  • July:             13th
  • September:  14th                     
  • October:      12th
  • November:    9th

Creative Activities

 When: Occasional Monday mornings at 10.30am

Where: These take place in the Chapel Hall.

The dates and activities are:-

  • January:       20th      Cooking           
  • March:          16th       Pub games
  • May:             18th       Art                                     
  • June:            15th    Table games
  • July:             20th   Sports             
  • September:   21st    Fairground games
  • October:       19th    Beads and beer mats           
  • November:    16th    Glass painting                            

Coffee Mornings

 When: Occasional Monday mornings from 10.00am to noon.

Where and What: Everyone is welcome to drop in for a drink, cake and some company in our Chapel Hall. Various items for sale will also be available.

The dates are:-

  • February:     3rd                       
  • March:           2nd
  • May:             4th                       
  • June:            1st     
  • July:             6th                       
  • September:  7th       
  • October:      5th                       
  • November:    2nd