Information for Visitors

In case you are wondering…

SBC Front with red border2This building has been a place of Christian worship for more than 150 years. The reason for it being here and the inspiration for all that happens here, is Jesus Christ, who we believe is ‘the way, the truth and the life’.


Open Chapel

IMG 1We often leave the doors open so that anyone can come in and spend some time in silence and prayer. We will respect your privacy but are willing to answer any requests for help.


Services and activities

IMG 2Anyone can join us for any of these.  All sorts of events take place. If you visit us, we hope you will feel welcome and able to explore what we are about; acceptance, friendship and fellowship.


Want to know more?

IMG 3Please see the noticeboard near the entrance. Also, inside you will find leaflets that tell you more. Please take a copy. You are also welcome to the literature you will find on the table in the Chapel.


Want to make contact?

IMG 4Messages can be left in our Prayer Book in the Chapel or the Visitors’ Book in the entrance. The church office is just behind the Chapel.

The office phone number is 01252 879 088.

Our pastor, Pete Evens’ phone is 07776 188 587 and his e-mail is

The Church Secretary’s e-mail is

You can find us on Facebook.