Letter from Pete Evens September 2020

News from Emanuel Baptist Church, Hidișelu-de-Sus, Romania

Dear all,

Some of you will remember that, since I have been your pastor, I have made two trips to Emanuel Baptist Church; and their pastor, Cristi Vidican has visited Sandhurst once, with his wife Oana. We have also prayed for Luca, Cristi and Oana’s son, during the time that he was having a lot of epileptic seizures and undergoing surgery to relieve them.

To others of you, it will come as news that there has been any connection between us and a church in north-west Romania. We’ve not made a great deal of it, even though there was a sense of warm fellowship between us.

I wanted to pass on some recent news and to bring to your attention the financial situation of their pre-school, just in case you would like to make a personal contribution to that.

The good news is that Luca has been free of seizures for quite some time now.

His younger sister Sara has started school this term.

[For those of you interested in the language, the ‘c’s in the teacher’s name both say ‘ch’.]

In spite of Covid 19, Cristi was able to conduct a baptism. Two of the candidates, Alisa and Așera, are sisters who are ‘graduates’ of the pre-school. Their older sister was baptised soon after my last visit to the church in 2017.

My 2016 trip was to celebrate 25 years of the Pre-school, which was built in the early years of democracy, using the scarce materials then available. This is what the roof structure looked like.

In the past couple of weeks, the roof has been replaced using more substantial and longer-lasting materials, now readily available.

I’m quite impressed that the structure is jointed in a way that we would now consider old-fashioned, but which typically stands the test of centuries.

Here are Luca, and Cristi, the happy pastor, showing off the nice straight ridge.

Meanwhile the hope is that the Pre-school will be able to start again this term. Although much of the funding is now provided locally by the church and individuals, there is still a need for external support. Cristi wrote to me recently to say that they are presently facing a shortfall of funds for the teacher’s salary equivalent to about £180 per month. They are considering diverting some funds previously designated for the kind of investment in fabric shown above, but that’s not going to fully cover it.

As Leadership, we have made a one-off donation of £100 so far and will be looking at our mission giving, which is due for a review, to consider whether we may make a regular contribution. Alongside that possibility, may I ask you please to consider if you would like to support the Pre-school from your own personal resources? If so, I’d be very happy to explore with you how to do that, or to answer any questions you may have about the church and Pre-school as best I can.

Your interest and prayers are of course equally welcome. Since its inception, the Christian Pre-school has had a very positive impact on a wide cross-section of the population. Emanuel Baptists continue to see its provision as a central plank of their mission and service to the village community. To sustain that they warmly welcome partnership with the wider Christian church. Let me know if you wish to join in with this particular avenue of service.

Many thanks for reading.

Be blessed and be a blessing,