Nativity Reflections 2017

This year, there will be 31 daily reflections for December 2017.

They can be read here. Alternatively, they can be read outside Sandhurst Baptist chapel on Yorktown Road, on Facebook and Twitter.

There are several ways to interact with this. There is a blackboard located outside our chapel for those within the community who wish to interact and answer the daily question. You could also answer the questions on Facebook or Twitter.

Facebook: @SBC.Berkshire | Twitter: @SBC_BERKS

The daily reflections are free to copy for non-commercial use, please acknowledge author as :  H. Kirk

Day 1 – Favoured

Day 2 – Fear

Day 3 – Saying ‘yes’

Day 4 – Joy

Day 5 – Blessing

Day 6 – An Impossible Choice

Day 7 – The Third Option

Day 8 – Acceptance

Day 9 – An Unwelcome Announcement?

Day 10: A Long Journey

Day 11: Jesus’ Birth

Day 12: Keeping Watch

Day 13: A proclamation

Day 14: Awe

Day 15: Peace

Day 16: Commotion

Day 17: Amazing

Day 18: Treasure

Day 19: Fulfilment

Day 20: Naming Day

Day 21: Visitors from the East

Day 22: Disturbed

Day 23: Seeking Information

Day 24: A cunning plan

Day 25: The Christmas Star?

Day 26: What did he get?

Day 27: Leaving quietly

Day 28: Obedience

Day 29: Anger

Day 30: Moving again

Day 31: A Nazarene