Learning through dialogue
As one passionate about proclaiming the story of Jesus, my measure of ‘success’ is not whether it was good teaching but whether it was good learning. My experience and understanding of learning is that it works best in relationship and in dialogue. So my hope is that what happens during Sunday services is part of a continual conversation between God, people and pastor. I’m always looking for ways to help us hear God’s voice, stir up your contribution and hone our skills in speaking and listening well.
 One of the ways is to publish the biblical text and theme of the sermon ahead of time, so you don’t encounter the passage from cold on Sunday. Another is to publish my sermon notes as soon as possible afterwards, allowing you to catch up or review. A third avenue is to invite your comments. I welcome your immediate reactions after services,
but also anything you may wish to share on further reflection. I’m especially interested when people are able to find the words to be specific about what it was that engaged them, what they learnt about God or themselves, what action they intend to take as a consequence.
I hope that by talking together (spoken or written!), we may learn together as disciples of Jesus, who definitely taught by relational dialogue!
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