Virtual Music Night June 2020

Music Night June 2020

Music Night 1Welcome!
Welcome to SBC’s virtual music night! We hope you will enjoy all the styles of music that have been chosen for you. Thank you to all those who have contributed and enabled this event to happen. Sit back, listen, sing, and grab that drink and packet of crisps! And above all enjoy. Have a great evening!


Music Night 21. We will start this evening with a classic “singalong” track from the film “The Sound of Music”, chosen by Louise “to get the party started”. “Sandhurst…oops the hills are alive with the sound of music” Sung by Julie Andrews, film footage included:

Music Night 32. We will continue with our second song chosen for us by Roy – “You’ll never walk alone” by Gerry and The Pacemakers. Roy says: “You’ll never walk alone” reminds me of when I came to London aged 20. I was homesick and the football season had just ended so I had to wait from April until August without out any friends.

Music Night 43. Next up is a choice of Opera music from Fay – “The Friendship Duet” from “The Pearl Fishers”. Fay says: The Pearl Fishers by Georges Bizet is set in ancient times on the island
of Ceylon (Sri Lanka) and tells the story of how two men’s vow of eternal friendship is threatened by their love for the same woman; her own dilemma is the conflict between secular love and her sacred oath as a goddess/priestess.  This friendship duet “Au fond du temple saint” [“In the depths of the sacred temple”], generally known as “The Pearl Fishers Duet”, is one of the best-known in Western opera. I first heard it years ago, on TV at Nigel’s parents’ home; it was sung by Harry Secombe and Sir Geraint Evans; we were all captivated. My Mum fell in love with it when she heard it on the radio – Your Hundred Best Tunes [some of us remember that far back], so Dad bought her a single of it sung by Jussi Björling and Robert Merrill – this was, and still is, considered to be the definitive version. Years later, Mum was living in a flat in London. The chap next door loved reggae, and played it a lot – and very loud; eventually Mum had had enough, and went rogue – she turned her speakers round to face the party wall and played the duet – very loud! Funnily enough, things got quieter after that … The version I’ve chosen I think is stunning – two beautiful voices: Andrea Bocelli and Bryn Terfel. Below is the English translation of the lyrics, in case your French is a little rusty ☺ Enjoy! Fay x

Music Night 5

Music Night 6

Music Night 74. Fiona has chosen our next track – “Only You” by The Flying Pickets. Fiona says: “Heard it on the way back from work a few years ago and it sounded familiar from sometime  back. No instruments required! (Acapella). I think I played this at SOL Dance and Exercise as well.”

Music Night 85. Another choice from Louise, again from an iconic film “Summer Holiday”. Louise says: “This again has a good sing along quality about it also with a film clip. Not chosen for the lack of holiday this year but from a love of travelling on London Route master Buses, Cliff Richard music (he was also at school with my uncle and lived in a nearby town) the film came out in the year of my birth and it is my funeral song…. As I go on that eternal holiday in heaven with our Lord!”

Music Night 96. The next song is chosen by Tony Davies – “How great though art”. Tony says: “I like this because it is one of my favourite church songs and recorded by two country and western stars, namely Carrie Underwood and Vince Gill, for me Carrie’s version is outstanding and Vince’s guitar solo brilliant.”

Music Night 107. The next song is performed for us by Joanna – “I Giorni “by Einaudi. Joanna says: “This is one of my favourite pieces to play. I love how it flows (even when I’m playing it, sometimes!) The recording is not perfect, and the page-turns are very audible as the camera was so close. You may also hear one or two coughs in the background, but then again it wouldn’t be a music night without coughing!”

Music Night 118. Pete has chosen another great song – “I knew you were waiting!” by George Michael and Aretha Franklin. Pete says: “Whenever I hear this song it almost seems as though a greater power is at work behind the lyrics. How often do we find ourselves in deep water in the valley, facing a mountain of a challenge? What keeps us going? Do we have faith to know that someone is waiting for us?

Music Night 129. Pauline has chosen “Guide me oh thy great Jehovah”. Pauline says: “My choice reminds me of rugby trips with my dad to watch Wales play and the singing before and following the match. I get quite emotional hearing it sung today.

Music Night 1310. A complete change of mood now with a choice from Fay – “The Cat Duet” from Rossini. Fay says: “There is a hilariously ‘catty’ version, as an encore at the Proms a few years ago, but the audience are laughing so much that some of the music is lost.”


Music Night 1411. Una’s choice next – “Bright Eyes” by Art Garfunkel. Una says: “I like this because I can visualise all the beautiful animals living wild. Deer, foxes and many more.”


Music Night 1512. Selwyn brings the next choice to us, saying: “For someone with a Welsh background, choral music can stir memories and emotions. One song that does that for me, features in many a Welsh choir’s repertoire and is known as “Tydi a Roddaist”. The music is said to have come to the composer Arwel Hughes whilst waiting at Shrewsbury railway station in 1938. The original words were written by T. Rowland Hughes (1903-1949). They are essentially a hymn of thanks for the beauty of creation, but they also have Easter in mind. A translation of the text is as follows.
O Thou that gave the magic dawn and sunset, beauty bright.
O Thou that didst the Spring adorn and gave it song and light.
Our wonder Lord, each day restore and at Thy feet let us adore.
O Thou that gave the brook its song and to the tree its sigh,
O Thou that gave the lark day long to sing its song on high.
O never let us know the days our hearts no longer fill with praise.
Thou who didst hear the halting tread on Calvary’s bitter way,
Thou who didst see the blood and sweat fall from His brow that day.
O keep us from an age that’s shorn of sacrifice and crown of thorn.
This performance is not by a Male Voice Choir as might be expected but the mixed voices of the Welsh National Youth Choir.

Music Night 1613. Next up from Pete R – “What a Wonderful World!” by Louis Armstrong. Peter says: “I have always loved this song especially with Louis Armstrong’s gravelly voice. To me the lyrics are like a prayer that seem to encapsulate all the good in the world and provides so many connections with daily life.

Music Night 1714. Ahh, unfortunately all good things come to an end. We must thank Abba for the music in this last singalong track chosen to finish tonight’s music night by Louise.


We hope you have enjoyed stepping aside this evening and enjoying the richness and diversity that music brings and how it engages our senses and emotions. Thanks for joining us. Goodnight and God bless!

Music Night 18