Weekly Notice Sheet

Sunday Service 23 May | 10.30am
This week the service in the Chapel will be led by Louise Ratcliffe and Peter Ratcliffe will be our speaker. As many as we can seat are welcome to attend, but please remember to book your place; the sooner the better! At the time of typing, there are very few seats remaining! Thank you.

Sunday 23 May | 11.45am Annual General Meeting
On this occasion the meeting will be for Church Members only. It will be our first members’ meeting for over a year and another small step towards the resumption of regular activities in the life of SBC.

SBC’s Home Service
The service we share in Chapel will again be made available for personal use. This will be published in the usual ways. Many thanks to Louise for preparing this for us.

Regional Ministers’ Reflections.
This week Clare Hooper reflects on ‘The Call of Adolescence’. This can be found on the SCBA website here or on the SCBA YouTube channel here: https://youtu.be/QUlUCUPr4S0

Next Sunday, 30 May
At 10.30am our worship in Chapel will be led by Louise Ratcliffe and Pastor Pete will be our speaker. To book seats for this service please contact Pastor Pete.

Christian Aid Week
It’s not too late to make donations using gift envelopes. These are available at the Chapel and can be returned to us to pass on. Donations can also be made directly online at www.christianaid.org.uk .

Social Events: ‘Best of British’
Thank you to all contributors to this collection of memories in the ‘Not the…’ series of events. This will be published shortly after these Notices and quiz answers will follow in a few days.

23 May is Pentecost.
This has its origins in the Judaism Festival of Weeks. Christians also know this day as Whitsunday. It commemorates the descent of the Holy Spirit onto Jesus’ Apostles after his Ascension. Some also think of this as the birthday of the Christian Church.

30 May ‘Trinity Sunday’…
…is observed by some branches of the Christian Church. It is the first Sunday after Pentecost and one of the few feasts that celebrates not an event, but a doctrine – there is one God and in this one God there are three divine persons; the
Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Looking ahead
For friends who have helped, or would like to help, with any of our SOL activities, we would love to see you at a get together in the Chapel Hall at 9.30am on Thursday 15 July.

To be ready for activities, we are planning a Work Week. Any help on the days, Tuesday 20 July to Friday 23 July, would be much appreciated. Please let us know if you can assist. Thank you.

Quick quiz challenge.
From last week – three of the titles Jesus was given in the book of Revelation were ‘the First and the Last’, the ‘King of Kings’ and the ‘Bright Morning Star’.

For this week’s challenge, what are the nine ‘fruits of the Spirit’?

Contacts for further information

Church Office: 01252 879 088
Pastor: Pete Evens 07776 188 587 |pastor.sandhurstbaptists@gmail.com
Church Secretary: chsec.sandhurstbaptists@gmail.com

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