Weekly Notice Sheet

Sundays – We have had no news yet about when we may meet together again. We will let you know of any changes as soon as we can.

In the meantime

  • SBC’s Home Service – We are grateful to Louise for preparing this week’s act of worship. The theme this time is ‘Peace’. Please feel free to share this with anyone not on our mailing list.
  • Worship at home – In addition to programmes on tv and radio, there are many other opportunities to share in acts of worship. The link below will
    take you to a list of over 40 Baptist churches in our Association who have made services available to all. Access is free. http://www.scba.org.uk/cv-updates.html

Other events and information

  • Regional Ministers’ Reflections. Clare Hooper is the speaker in this week’s video provided by the SCBA Team. Her talk is entitled ‘Looking up’ and it can be found at https://youtu.be/R_kdXd6ZCW8
  • Baptists Together Prayer Broadcasts. These take place each Wednesday
    7.00pm-7.30pm. They are usually led by General Secretary of the Baptist Union, Lynn Green, with a guest contributor. You can follow the live event or find recordings of previous events at http://www.baptist.org.uk/prayerbroadcasts
  • Sharing Christmas. This year we are invited again to donate items as
    presents for residents at Yeldall Manor and clients of The Vine. Most suitable would be –
    Yeldall Manor: items for men which should be wrapped, please,
    with a post-it note indicating contents e.g. socks, gloves, hats
    scarves, pens, notebooks, puzzles, small games, sweets, chocolate
    (nothing alcoholic), practical toiletries
    The Vine: items for men, women or children which should not be
    wrapped e.g. sweets, chocolate, biscuits, pens, notebooks, nice
    toiletries, puzzles, puzzle books or small games
    If you are able to bring items to the Chapel, please ring Pastor Pete
    to check that someone will be in (07776 188587). If you would like
    someone to collect from you please ring Michal (01252 875 744),
    or email (michal.evens@gmail.com).
    Please note the deadline is Sunday 5 December.
    Advent Angels at SBC
    Last week we mentioned the invitation to make angels
    to display in our windows to create ‘angel trails’ and
    remind passers-by of the Christmas story. This idea has been taken
    up and developed by Pastor Pete. Watch out for new neighbours
    at the Chapel in the coming weeks.

Contacts for further information
Church Office: 01252 879 088
Pastor: Pete Evens 07776 188 587 |pastor.sandhurstbaptists@gmail.com
Church Secretary: chsec.sandhurstbaptists@gmail.com

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