Weekly Notice Sheet

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Sunday 5 July | 10.30am | Home Service 17
As has been our custom lately, an act of worship that we might share together at the same time, though not in the same place.
In our continuing journey through the Gospel, the passage we are considering this week is Mark 8:22-38 and entitled ‘Clarity of sight’ and can be found here – 2020-07-05 Seeing Clearly Mark 8 22-38. Many thanks to Pastor Pete for providing insights and prompts for our thinking and learning.

Other Services

In addition to various TV and radio broadcasts, on-line services are still available from many churches. To connect with any of those provided by Baptist Churches in our area go to http://www.scba.org.uk/cv-updates.html

Other events and information

  • Baptists Together Prayer Broadcasts continue on Sunday and Wednesday evenings (7.00pm. till about 7.30pm). On 5 July it will feature Ruth Moriarty, Minister at Christ Church New Southgate and Friern Barnet in London, alongside General Secretary Lynn Green. Follow the events live or find recordings at
  • Regional Ministers’ Reflections.  The Southern Counties Baptist Association (SCBA) Team are continuing to send messages of encouragement to churches. The latest in this series of talks is entitled ‘Choosing what is better’ and is given by Dave Llewellyn. It can be found at https://youtu.be/Gz9zS0uKomc
  • Private prayer in the Chapel. It is now possible to make use of the Chapel for personal prayer. There are however rules to follow and times are limited. Please do not just drop in. If you would like to come along, please book your visit in advance with Pastor Pete.
  • Worshipping together from 12th July? Much thought has been given to how this might happen. News about this will be sent out by Pastor Pete. ‘Home Service’ and ‘Read Mark, Learn’ would not stop immediately. For those who feel able, we hope to take some small steps towards ‘normality’.
  • SCT Service 6.30pm, Sunday 12 July.  This next Churches Together event is on our calendar for that Sunday. As soon as we have confirmation of it and details for how to join in, we will make them available.
  • A reminder for ‘Verses please’. Do you have a favourite Bible verse, or one that has
    been especially helpful during ‘lockdown’? Would you be willing to share it in a Home Service? If so, Louise would be pleased to hear from you. Details are needed by Weds. 8th July, please.
  • Not-the-boat-trip boat trip. Like so many events recently, the trip planned for
    18 July has had to be called off. However, a date for next year has already been arranged, 17 July 2021. Rather than lose sight of the event, and as with the non- Flower festival and virtual Music Night, an alternative is on its way. Details to follow!
  • A recent survey conducted by the Evangelical Alliance was answered by nearly 900 churches and organisations. 59% of them reported a marked increase in people interested in finding out more about the Christian faith. 70% of church leaders reported more people who would not normally attend church, now participating. More about this can be found at https://www.eauk.org/ .

Contacts for further information

Church Office: 01252 879 088
Pastor: Pete Evens 07776 188 587 | pastor.sandhurstbaptists@gmail.com
Church Secretary: chsec.sandhurstbaptists@gmail.com

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