Weekly Notice Sheet

Sunday 20 September | Services in the Chapel at 9.00am and 11.00am

Our services this week will be led by Pastor Pete. We plan to continue with the two services each Sunday for the rest of the year. You are very welcome to join us as and when you are able. So far there has always been room to seat everyone, but it is helpful to know in advance if you are planning to come along. If you can let Selwyn know by midday on Saturday that will be enough notice. Thank you.

Sunday 20 September | Home Service 28
Many thanks to Louise for producing this act of worship this week. The theme this time is ‘Love’.

Online worship

If you would like to share in services broadcast by other churches, the choice is literally worldwide. Nearer to home, the link below will take you to a list of over 40 Baptist churches in our Association sharing worship in this way. Access is free. http://www.scba.org.uk/cv-updates.html

Other events and information

Baptists Together Prayer Broadcasts – It is intended that these events will continue on Wednesday evenings 7.00-7.30pm. You can follow the broadcasts live or find recordings at www.baptist.org.uk/prayerbroadcasts

Regional Ministers’ Reflections – This week’s reflection is given by Dave Llewellyn and is entitled ‘Getting Older’. The link to see this is https://youtu.be/FTx_DQ1k88U If you would like to view previous YouTube videos produced by the team, you can catch up by clicking on this link

A Message for Church Members – Many thanks for the very prompt responses to the message sent out two weeks ago. If you need any help to reply, please do let us know, as the last day for returns is Sunday 20 September.

Not-the-social-event – If you would like to contribute to the next event by sharing a poem or picture as invited by Louise recently, please remember to send them to her by 30 Sept. It could be a favourite poem or one you have written yourself, a photo, or a picture of a work of art that you would like to share with us all. Please no photos of people due to GDPR regulations and indicate if you wish your name not to appear with your poem or picture.

BU Publications – The Baptist union web site has much news and information. This includes the latest edition of The Baptist Times. Recently added is the Autumn edition of Baptists Together magazine. This edition seeks to capture some of the stories and reflections across our denomination in the months of lockdown. To explore all these resources go to www.baptist.org.uk

Parables from Science – On that same website, if you have an interest in science, you might find this of interest www.baptist.org.uk/Articles/582337/5_parables_from.aspx

Contacts for further information
Church Office: 01252 879 088
Pastor: Pete Evens 07776 188 587 | pastor.sandhurstbaptists@gmail.com
Church Secretary: chsec.sandhurstbaptists@gmail.com

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